26 May 2009

if i twittered

Everything you didn't want to know about today, conveniently packaged into installments of 140 characters or less.

8:23 I dreamed a dream. It had to do with airports. Also, zucchini. That's about all I can make of it at this point.

8:50 Taking Shay to the dentist. I fear this could be the most exciting outing of my day.

10:14 You did not just open your car door and set your big gulp, half full of Pepsi, in the parking lot before driving away. Common decency, people!

10:52 You go, Harold Meyerson. Nice editorial.

11:46 I'd say summer smells overwhelmingly like honeysuckle.

1:15 I refuse to swim until someone skims all the "cotton" out of the pool. A little gust of wind and it all happens so fast. Blasted cottonwoods.

1:17 I must be bored. I'm on facebook. Also just googled "cottonwood" plus "Kansas."

1:18 Turns out the cottonwood is the state tree of Kansas. Maybe I should have more respect for it now?

1:19 Shay says, "Cottonwood? Am I supposed to find that interesting?" Glad we can have respectful & productive conversation about important issues of the day.

4:05 Hotly contested battle for the title of "Most Exciting Outing" today. Will the bike ride to the public library win it all?

6:20 Coleslaw. I am newly converted.

8:30 Remember back when people used to answer their phones? Those were good days.

10:00 The Chocolate Chip Cookie will be the death of me. Mark my words.


Chelsea said...

I agree about twitter. It's been around for a few years and all of a sudden it's caught on like WILD fire. And really, no one REALLY needs to know how many squares of toilet paper someone just used or the color of their juice.

Agree whole-heartedly.

BUT! I like your post. It's funny.

Anonymous said...

lex you are the best writer! this post was hilarious. rf.

Catlin said...

What a great day! :)

You are funny. I hope you guys are having a good summer!

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

I love checkin' in on your blog. You as so witty!

Melissa said...

sounds like a good day to me. very relaxed. I want a chocolate chip cookie.

jen said...
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jen said...

@alexisann Coleslaw? Yuck!

Heidi said...

I second Jen's comment, because that's exactly what I had planned to say. Please, repent. You really are so witty! Thanks!

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

Actually I found myself enjoying your "twitter" documentation. Then again, I wouldn't if you did it everyday. I signed on to twitter just to see what it was all about and I was SO disappointed. I mean, why is everyone so excited about that??