17 August 2008

life rolls on

Hello, internet. It's been awhile. Let me tell you how it is to have my husband home after a month of separation. It's bliss. Also I will tell you what it's like to be working again after a summer off. It's a lot different than not working. Lastly, let me tell you about the sweet potato french fries and smoked chicken wings at Vermont Street Barbeque. They are delicious.

But enough with the chit chat. The real reason for this post is that Shay brought the camera home, which means I finally have proof that during my stay in Slovenia I did not only take pictures of European mullets. Of course, I also made an effort to capture man-capris wherever they were spotted. And a few other items of interest.

This video is long. If I had made it for you, I would have kept it short. Unfortunately, I made it for me, and I had a hard time parting with even the most inane and unflattering of clips. You can watch it if you want, or don't. But I'll probably watch it one more time just for kicks, because oh my goodness, it just makes me smile. Those were good times.

04 August 2008

today is a very good day

Even the edited version of Love Actually did not manage to win me over. It does have its great moments though. The introduction scene, for instance, is fabulous, and I think about it pretty much every time I'm in an airport.

I love a good airport reunion. Your clothes are all disheveled and you've got a nest of plane hair on top of your head, but the person waiting for you is happy to see you all the same. It's beautiful. Nine hours and twenty-three minutes to go until my own much-anticipated airport reunion, but who's counting?

01 August 2008

it must be just me

Here is what I learned today:

If a friendly sales associate calls you from Borders on Friday August 1 at 8:30 p.m. and says,

"Hi, the book you ordered has come in and you can pick it up any time."

...and you say, "Great, what time to you close tonight?"

...and she says, "Actually, there's a special event at the store tonight, so we won't close until after 1:00 a.m."

...and you are thinking, "Perfect, since I can't get there at a decent hour but I really want that book in my eager little hands!"

...do not take the bait.

Do not go to Borders at 11:00 p.m. unless you are prepared to witness female hysteria the likes of which you have not seen since the New Kids on the Block were cool the first time.

How was I to know that the "special event" was a midnight-release party for the latest book in the Twilight series? Apparently I have not been checking the countdown widgets on all the Mormon mommy blogs frequently enough, because I was caught completely unaware. It was like stumbling upon a party that all your friends were invited to except for you.

I won't knock the books because I haven't read them. But I'm not really interested in reading them, in the same way I'm not interested in reading the collected works of R.L. Stein. They just seem kind of... meh. So I'll admit I'm baffled by all the hysteria surrounding this series. I can understand the teenage girl response, since the books are clearly targeted to that audience, but why are so many adult women blogging about their deliciousness, and camping out at Borders for the latest installment? If you are a fan, what do you love about Twilight? Help. Me. Understand. Please.

And if you are not (yet) a fan, would you please just tell me so, so that I don't feel so utterly alone?