15 April 2009

there's a recession on

Last week, we noticed several of these signs springing up in our neighborhood.

I'm definitely interested, but a little confused. Not quite sure whether there are just so many children available for sale that the event is going to be huge (there are, after all, more than 100 families in on the venture), or if the actual kids being sold are expected to be larger than average. I think more careful wording would have prevented this kind of confusion.

13 April 2009


One happy Easter weekend, the idea could strike you that it would be fun to dye Easter eggs using random foods and spices. I say, let the idea pass, and buy yourself a nice $.99 box of dye tablets. It was an interesting experiment, but mostly it was a pain in the butt. And in the end, all you'll have to show for your efforts are a few hard-cooked eggs covered with a clumpy film of spinach.

Instead you should invest your extra feelings of domesticity into making your own girl scout cookies. We made the thin mints, and mmmm. They were tasty.

(recipes here via Chelsea)