21 January 2009

hello, beautiful

Oooh. A warm sunny day. I'll take it.

Two things today:

(1) Thanks for all your kind words. They are just words, you know, but for some reason they mean a lot when they are offered up in support.

(2) Totally unrelated: figured out this weekend which of our neighbors this crazy lady was looking for, all those months ago. Pretty sure he does broker illegal transactions in the middle of the night. Shady.

16 January 2009

world spins madly on

Things have been gray here. We experienced a tragic loss, and I had to fall off the face of the earth for a little while to figure out how to deal. This will sound silly but I am serious when I say I appreciated your phone calls that I didn't answer, your e-mails that I didn't reply to, and your invitations that I didn't accept. Now that I am starting to rejoin reality, I feel lucky to have so much catching up to do.

I woke up feeling optimistic today. As I wandered around getting ready for the day, I thought, "You know what, I could really use a warm, sunny day sometime soon. Maybe today is my day."

And then the universe had a good chuckle, and I stepped out into this.

So in terms of the weather, perhaps today is not my day. But in other ways the sky is starting to clear, and all the good things in life are becoming a little more obvious.

Hope you're enjoying the good things today too.