26 May 2009

if i twittered

Everything you didn't want to know about today, conveniently packaged into installments of 140 characters or less.

8:23 I dreamed a dream. It had to do with airports. Also, zucchini. That's about all I can make of it at this point.

8:50 Taking Shay to the dentist. I fear this could be the most exciting outing of my day.

10:14 You did not just open your car door and set your big gulp, half full of Pepsi, in the parking lot before driving away. Common decency, people!

10:52 You go, Harold Meyerson. Nice editorial.

11:46 I'd say summer smells overwhelmingly like honeysuckle.

1:15 I refuse to swim until someone skims all the "cotton" out of the pool. A little gust of wind and it all happens so fast. Blasted cottonwoods.

1:17 I must be bored. I'm on facebook. Also just googled "cottonwood" plus "Kansas."

1:18 Turns out the cottonwood is the state tree of Kansas. Maybe I should have more respect for it now?

1:19 Shay says, "Cottonwood? Am I supposed to find that interesting?" Glad we can have respectful & productive conversation about important issues of the day.

4:05 Hotly contested battle for the title of "Most Exciting Outing" today. Will the bike ride to the public library win it all?

6:20 Coleslaw. I am newly converted.

8:30 Remember back when people used to answer their phones? Those were good days.

10:00 The Chocolate Chip Cookie will be the death of me. Mark my words.

18 May 2009

because I'm tired of looking at that silly sign

Would someone post here already? I have gotten a little bored with blogging and don't have much to say. But I check back here sometimes, hoping I'll see something new.

gateway arch - st. louis - some random hot guy

missouri botanical gardens - really lovely - made me sneeze

There. That's better.