11 November 2008

in review

**We lived through a ladybug invasion and emerged victorious. And by "victorious" I mean that all our efforts to stop the invasion were totally futile, and then suddenly one day the bugs were just gone. I never thought of ladybugs as pesky until I spent an entire morning relocating armies of them, only to have Shay find this many (plus a few not pictured - casualties of the war, you know) in our bedroom window later. By all accounts, baffling.

**I convinced Shay to part his hair for Halloween. Coupled with his jacket ($2.25 at Goodwill) which had nice bulky shoulder pads in it? Irresistible.

**I had a bad cold for awhile. It lingered on and on last week, until I was essentially healed by Gilmore Girls. Yes, on Saturday I bundled up on the couch and watched four straight hours of Stars Hollow cheesiness. Then I napped. I woke up feeling significantly better than before. Everyone should be allowed their guilty pleasures. Mine, apparently, just happen to have medicinal powers.

**Holy beautiful Kansas! This fall I have really loved coming home to this neighborhood.