28 January 2010

two lists

In 2009 I:

-took touristy pictures in Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, and a handful of other "new to me" cities

-soaked up the goodness of living in our quirky college town

-celebrated five years of marital awesomeness

-cooked a complete Thanksgiving dinner for the first time (it was stellar, thanks for asking)

-turned a year older and spent my birthday riding rollercoasters

-built up guitar calluses on my fingertips again

-remembered how much I like the place where I grew up

-drove 1000+ miles along old Route 66 and stopped for many a random attraction

-finally hosted one of those dress-up-to-all-get-out murder mystery dinners

-visited cool local sites I've been meaning to visit, like the Brown vs. Board of Education Museum

-read a whole lot of non-fiction

-spent midsummer eating lingonberries and picking wildflowers in Sweden

Holy sweetness. 2009 was fantastic. But wait. It gets better.

Coming up in 2010 I will:

-finish incubating a human life

-give birth (April-ish)

-parent an infant

-I figure any feat I accomplish beyond these will just be overachieving

-so it looks like I'm pretty much set