09 July 2009

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The trip to Sweden:
It was the perfect mix of familiar and new. Shay and I traveled down one side of the coast and up the other; did a lot of sight-seeing and wandering and hostelling. Later we spent several days in Karlstad, my Swedish "home," and we got to spend the midsummer holiday with friends there. All things considered (including the part where we had to wear SWEATERS and COATS for several days in JUNE), the trip was a sweet success. In a word, delightful.

Right this minute:
I'm huddled in a library cubicle at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Shay is working on a research project here, so we've been staying on the U of I campus this week. I've found Champaign to be a rather dull place. The city is small, and eerily empty in the summer. Luckily I brought books. Lots of books. Also looking forward to a day trip to Chicago on Saturday.

Up ahead:
Utah, we love thee! Shay and I are making a road trip out of our summer pilgrimage to the Homeland. We'll be in southern Utah for almost two weeks, from July 18 - 30. I would love to organize a get-together if any Utah friends want to get-together. E-mail me if you're interested and give me some dates and times that you're free. Alternatively, we can just assume that we will probably run into each other at least once at Cafe Rio.

And now:
I offer you my standard-issue slide-show travel report, complete with shaky, grainy video (thanks, Shay!) and mediocre snapshot photography (that's my specialty!) So wait for your motion sickness meds to kick in, be sure to use the restroom before starting the show (it's lengthy), and buckle up. It's going to be great.